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  • tannerfisc.us

    Being a developer and designer certainly has its challenges. On one hand, I'm always wanting to make sure that I'm satisfied with the design of my site. I'm constantly finding inspiration through other websites and products, which always has me thinking "Oh, I like this! I could update the design of my site." On the other hand, I'm always learning about new front-end technologies that are faster, more efficient, and fun to work with. Balancing both modern design and current technologies is hard, but I've brought the two together for my latest iteration of this site.

  • RMU Mobile App

    Yes, an app. I've never really stepped out of the realm of web design, so when myself and the developers heard that we were going to be making an app, I knew I would be up for a challenge. The only thing was, it really wasn't a challenge. It was more of a fun experiment that turned into something great.

  • Apply to RMU

    The application process for a university is a critical part to their business model. The online application acts as an entry point to the university and is a way to leave a good impression on the student. Deciding to apply to the university is a big decision for students, who are often anxious and overwhelmed with the process. It was important to me to be able to simplify this process and make it an easy, step-by-step, and intuitive flow.

    To put into perspective where this project began, refer to the screenshot below:

    As you can see from the screenshot above, the old application was very simple, with no focus on design. The original design was not inviting, not accessible, and not responsive.

  • Fox's Pizza Den

    Fox's Pizza of Rural Valley is a franchise of the Fox's Pizza Corporation that specializes in high-quality fast food ranging from the basic pizza pie to salads and sides. The website was created to feature the highlights of the shop, including current and past events, photos from around the shop, and informational sections to keep customers informed.

  • Responsive Retrofit

    Ready. Set. Responsive.

    Providing an experience that is adaptable to virtually any device is not an easy task; however, it's an important one. This is why the university's marketing department has worked to develop an all-new, responsive template to be used on new microsites moving forward.

    Planning for future sites is great; however, they needed to find a way to make existing content responsive, too. This was a challenge that I was up for - figuring out a solution to retrofit existing content.

    I started by stripping out the existing stylesheet, which left me with a page full of HTML elements. Using SASS, I developed a new stylesheet that embraced the same design as the new template. The stylesheet got me most of the way there; however, I had to rely on some jQuery magic to help me create the mobile menu and image sliders.

    I'm excited to collaborate with our marketing department to move forward on the face of rmu.edu.

  • TNT Cuts

    TNT Cuts is a local, family-owned hair salon. They specialize in quality hair care and styling in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Owner, Patti Fiscus (my mother), takes great pride in her work and will satisfy your haircare needs.

  • tannerfisc.us admin

    Created as a demo project for an undergraduate course, the tannerfisc.us admin was developed as a way of managing existing projects on my website.

  • Online Employee Portal

    The online time request system was created for Fox's Pizza Den of Rural Valley. This system allows the employees to request specific dates and time periods off from work. In addition, an administrative panel was created to manage accounts and view reports.

  • Online IRB Application

    Note: This application has been taken over by Robert Morris University and is no longer publicly accessibe.

    The Online IRB Application is a web application that I started as part of an Undergraduate Systems Analysis and Design course. The system was written for the Robert Morris University Institutional Review Board (IRB) in order to replace an outdated, paper "system". This project began as a sketch of processes and flows to determine exactly how the application would work, which has formulated into the website that is now used publicly.

    The system has been uniquely configured for the three different user groups: applicants, advisors, and reviewers. The applicants are the individuals that are applying for collegiate research that needs to be reviewed by the IRB. The applicants have the ability to sign up for an account, complete the entire form with information regarding their intended research, and submit the information for review. Advisors are specified by the applicant when the form is initially submitted. Advisors must approve of the application in order for it to be submitted as a valid proposal to the IRB. Additionally, an internal area has been created for the reviewers so that they can examine each proposal and provide feedback, which will eventually lead to a final approval or denial by the committee.

  • RMU Smart 404s

    404? No one likes to hit a page not found error. But, what if the error page could be smart enough to try and predict where you were trying to go?

    That's exactly what I did. Based off of "A Better 404 Page" by Donovan Hutchinson, the RMU 404 page tries to think for you by utilizing the Google Custom Search API. The page is designed to look at the URL that you tried to access, then talks to Google in order to try and find the rmu.edu search result that matches closest to what you typed in. This saves both time and effort for the user when they simply type something wrong.

    Of course, it isn't perfect - it doesn't always know what you're looking for. That's why below the error message I have included the RMU search box.

  • Crotallo Monuments

    Crotallo Monuments is a locally and family-owned company that specializes in creating monuments and memorials to honor loved ones.

  • RMU Academics

    The RMU Academic Directory was developed to ensure an accurate listing of degrees and majors, minors, concentrations, and certificates were being displayed on the Robert Morris University website.

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